Life, documented.

Documentary-style photography is different; there’s no posing, no polish, no perfection.

It takes a raw, authentic, and real approach to photography, allowing the stories of the people being captured to surface with texture, depth, detail and truth. It’s about telling the whole story, expanding far beyond a studio or a set; creating an experience so tactile you want to reach out and touch it.

The goal is to stir your cells. To get your emotions in motion.

And it’s done with heart, patience, humour. And a steady hand and eye that sees beauty in the real-deal that is life, creating lasting images that can’t be re-posed, re-shot, or re-created.


It takes time; traditional documentarians spend weeks, months, even years with their subjects, immersing themselves in their whole story. The more time spent together, the deeper the photographer is able to go, the more extraordinary are the truths that come to light…and the more images of life as you know it surface.

It’s all about the images telling a story; giving you more than just a snapshot - they give you an experience and re-create a moment—and everything you felt in that moment—in your heart.


Tell your story.