...to exploring the streets of a small South African town, photography has pushed me out of my comfort zone.

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It’s exposed me to some of the most meaningful moments of life. It has helped me slow down and see the world. It has connected me to the power of storytelling; where a single image can hold more heart, magic and meaning than any words could ever offer.

I was 17 when I picked up a camera for the first time. That camera, a whole lot of curiosity, and a love of experimenting with the magic of a darkroom opened my eyes to the rich beauty found in the details around me.

Using only what nature offers me, and finding the beauty in every detail of every frame, I focus in on what makes an individual or an environment unique and special; an expression, a horizon, a calmness, a love. And then I let the light do its work.

I tell stories through images with one goal in mind: to make you feel something. To let the real moments of life live on forever, and to bring more life, more vitality, and more honesty into the images that tell our stories.


Why documentary photography?

She managed to capture all the moments we had wanted along with some amazing moments that we didn’t even realize happened. Also cannot say enough about her dedication and preparation - despite many last minute changes to our day she went right along and wowed us with her back up plan. I would recommend her to anyone looking to capture a special day!!
— Briony