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How do I plan for our time together?

That’s the beauty - you don’t. You do your day as you normally would—routines, schedules, soccer games and dance lessons—and I’ll be your shadow. There’s no special plan to make, venues to book or outfits to buy; only the date to tell me to arrive, and I’ll be there.

Do I need to prepare my family with poses?

Short answer: nope.

And don’t worry about cleaning up the dishes from breakfast or making sure everyone is in matching outfits. This style of photography is all about capturing you in the most regular, normal and real moments of your day to day life. Which, at least in my house, often means a few dirty dishes here and there and all of us in our second (or third) clean outfit by 11:00am. Nothing to pose, and nothing to perfect. Real life moments are called ‘the holy mundane’ for a reason.

Why is there a minimum 2 hour session time? Can I do less than that?

I ask for a minimum of 2 hours from every client so your truest expression and most honest way of existing has time and space to surface.

The more time we have together, the more everyone relaxes, and the more authentic the moments become.

So unfortunately no, no less than 2, but there’s so much magic in more; four hours doubles the comfort and the natural imagery to capture...six hours triples it.

I'm pretty time-strapped; what's the optimal time to have you come?

Here’s the beauty: you don’t have to schedule yourself out of your life to have your story documented. That’s the point.

You keep your full schedule as full as you like it, and I’ll come along for the ride.

Hockey practices, soccer games, dance recitals, community events...wherever you’re headed, I’m happy to accompany you to find the images to capture that best tell your story.

Why do you only offer fine art photo books and digital photos?

I’m obsessive about quality and an artist at heart. I pour myself into my work and passionately ensure that every aspect of everything I hand over to you is perfect in its own right.

It’s the artist in me, making sure your memories are passed over in the most beautiful form possible.


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