An introduction to family documentary photography….

Many haven’t heard of family documentary photographers. Documentary style is a much different approach to the conventional family portrait we are all so familiar with. Documentary style captures real life as it unfolds, in the moment and without any alteration. A family documentary photographer embeds into your home, keeping step with your family to capture your story in real time. Documentary photography documents the in-between moments and catches the real emotion of a moment. While this style of photography may initially feel unfamiliar, the images and memories that it captures are intimately familiar as you look back on them.


Lifestyle and documentary photography are two very different approaches….

Lifestyle photography aims to replicate real life, while family documentary seeks to capture it. Lifestyle photography is celebrating the idea of a perfect life. Documentary photography is celebrating real life. Instead of staging the room, the people, and the lighting to mimic an ideal family dinner, family documentary is going to dig right into the real dinner. No posing, no cleaning, only real people, real food, and the true experience. It's a photo session to explore all the good bits, the messy bits, and the real story.


What you’ll receive from a documentary day-in-the-life session...

Instead of a perfectly posed portrait to hang above your mantle, a documentary style session is going to give you real memories. When you look back at the images, you’ll have an intimate connection with the story, because it’s the real story of your family. You’ll remember the finer details of that point in your family’s life story, the ones we so quickly forget as the years roll by.


A quick note about session length and pricing….

Many ask about the length of the session and the price point. Two hours is a long time to spend with a photographer, especially if you are accustomed to more traditional lifestyle sessions. But with documentary photography, we need minimum two hours together to let the story unfold. It’s not about a quick pose and packing it up. The more time we have together, the more everyone relaxes, and the more authentic the moments become.

It's part of the reason why the price of a regular two-hour family documentary session is $675, including 15 final images (you can choose from a gallery).This is why don't miss out on this special holiday session, a two-hour session including 25 final photos, and only $450. A more-affordable option, and a great way to experience what documentary family photography is all about - and even more so, to capture those often forgotten moments with those you love.