La Paz, Bolivia

This city sits in  a bowl and is surrounded by the high mountains of the altiplano. Houses are built so close and are staggered on top of each other climbing the bowl to the top, where sits El Alto, another citer surrounding La Paz at an elevation of 4150 meters above sea level. This city never sleeps, with its spectacular views when driving up and above the bowl or flying into or out of La Paz.

Having travelled here several times, La Paz never stops to amaze me. This time around, with it's new project of gondola's, the city now has three different lines, which have been built to transport 18,000 passengers an hour over nearly 11 kilometres, without having to confront the blaring horns and packed micros that are belching smoke from all directions in endless traffic. As a new mode of affordable transportation in the city, people that now live in the higher parts of the bowl or in el alto, can simply take the gondola, which stops at three different levels of the bowl for one line, allowing them to get to their work or homes at a much quicker pace and only having to pay 25 cents, cutting nearly a half an hour off commuters time for travel.

Now that the three lines are now functionning and are a success, the city is planning to build two more lines, with the goal of decreasing traffic and air pollution.

Jessica Butler